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  • ozge besirli

    ozge besirli

    CGO - Chief Growth Officer @wingie @enuygun

  • James Musey

    James Musey

  • veeranagouda patil

    veeranagouda patil

  • Anika Tahsin

    Anika Tahsin

  • Tim Leung, Ph.D.

    Tim Leung, Ph.D.

    Boeing Professor of Applied Math & Director of the Computational Finance & Risk Management (CFRM) Program at UW-Seattle. Senior Research Advisor & Consultant

  • Atonye Nyingifa

    Atonye Nyingifa

    Data Analyst, Storyteller, Unrequited Love Poems Writer, African, Avid Binger of the Office and World Traveler (once the panini is over :) ))

  • Abhi Sivasailam

    Abhi Sivasailam

    Growth/Analytics@Flexport Founder@TwoStatesConsulting. Formerly Growth/Analytics @Keap @Honeybook @Accenture

  • Anam Fatima

    Anam Fatima

    Post graduation in Data Analytics

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