Keeping Up With Data #54

5 minutes for 5 hours’ worth of reading


Keeping Up With Data has turned one last week and with that I decided to shift away from sequence labelled by week numbers. Apart from this cosmetic change, Bill Schmarzo ran a LinkedIn Poll asking for a better term than ‘data monetisation’ (which often evokes selling the data). After collecting over 1,200 votes for one of the four options posed, he went for a fifth one — ‘data-driven economic value creation’. ‘Value creation’ is a common term in private equity used to describe ways to generate attractive investors returns. It’s great to see terms linked to data converging to terminology used when making businesses more valuable.

I’ve been reading a lot about data engineering lately. And that obviously impacts this week’s reading list: Data engineering failures, challenges on modern data stack in real life, and experimentation as a company strategy.

I have big plans for the weekend — a first multi-day trip for our family of four. Hope the fall in Lugano will be as magical as two years ago. It will be strange not to take my bike with me, but a trail run in the morning should be a solid substitution!

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