Keeping Up With Data #58

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Data is a strategic asset and should be treated as such. Companies should be maximising its economic value and diligently managing investment into data. These were some of the main messages of my recent talk and an article. The question I got from many people is how to evaluate the (economic) impact of data and analytics? The short answer imho lies in data-driven decision making. That’s right, even data teams should be data driven.

And for a strategic asset to have impact, there needs to be a strategic executive, smart prioritisation, and sometimes even a 2.5-bilion parameter model.

Talking to people in the US celebrating Thanksgiving, seeing South Africans getting ready for their summer holidays / Christmas combo, and trying to park in a totally full supermarket parking lot in Zurich today all signals that the end of year is approaching quickly. So, let’s finish the year strong!

In case you missed the last week’s issue of Keeping up with data

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