Keeping Up With Data #59

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Data has value. There is no doubt about that. Opinions differ on what that value is and how to quantify it. Is it an accounting or economic exercise? Is it even possible to have a ‘generally accepted’ formula for data valuation? I think leveraging the economic value of data (by using it) will in time create larger demand for data. This will then drive supply and the market will converge to a value for data. Until then, I believe, the ‘how can I use it’ question will be more relevant than ‘for how much can I sell it’. Just like the numbers in the image above were estimated based on the value of having data on certain personal profiles.

The theme in the following reading list is value and complexities related to measuring and unlocking it.


We are in December — Christmas is around the corner, travel restrictions are getting tougher (no family visits this Christmas for us), it’s cold and snow outside. And every business is sprinting towards the winter break. It feels a bit like a Champs-Élysées stage in the Tour de France. Overall winners are already celebrating, the rest of us are trying to get some last results.

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