Keeping Up With Data — Week 18 Reading List

5 minutes for 5 hours’ worth of reading


Many companies want to ‘start with data’ properly. So, they wait for the perfect moment — when new system is implemented, more data is collected, a team is hired, transformation is finished and so on. Unfortunately, the perfect moment never comes. Just as in life. I typically suggest: just do it. Start with a data strategy built around the imperfections rather than keep waiting forever. But the first step is always the hardest.

To make is a bit easier, check out some of the articles that caught my attention this week.

Another recommendation system (on Spotify) led me to an album by European Jazz Trio and their Piano Jazz meets Classic album. The album is four hours long and accompanied me during tonight’s reading about data.

In case you missed the last week’s issue of Keeping up with data

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