Keeping Up With Data — Week 31 Reading List

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AI has been used extensively in the fight against Covid. It was a perfect show time for the latest algorithms and solutions. Yet, despite hundreds of AI tools being built, none of them worked. The main reason is — as it is often the case — poor data quality. Data were used from multiple sources, patched together like Frankenstein’s monster and labelled by radiologists (leading to incorporation bias) not by a result (e.g., a PCR test). For us data scientists, yet another reminder that data can make or break our models.

Digital twin, data quality of most cited data sets and data-ink ratio are on the menu this week.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about JupyterLite. But there is so many Python notebooks for data scientists. Today, I came across a website covering twenty of the most popular ones. I knew just six of them!

In case you missed the last week’s issue of Keeping up with data

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