Keeping Up With Data — Week 32 Reading List

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Data literacy and cultural challenges are the biggest roadblocks for CDO’s success, according to a study by BearingPoint. In my experience it’s linked to the shift to complement a defensive data strategy (managing downside risks, security, gdpr) with offensive one (driving business outcomes and value). The later is not a technical discipline. Rather, it requires a broad variety of people to know when and how data can help, how to make data-driven decisions and how to turn business problems into analytical ones. Luckily, this topic is getting a lot of attention lately. Case in point is me being invited to speak at two events about data democratisation and a general ability to ‘speak data’.

Plenty of buzzing terms this week: data-driven organisations, self-service analytics and front-end of modern data stack.

I noticed this week that I’ve picked up over 1,000 followers here on Medium! Nothing mind-boggling, but I’m very happy about this modest milestone. 🎉

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