Keeping up with data — Week 46 reading list

A curious mind wandering through the world of data

The world of data is not only about algorithms and technology. People are also involved in the data value chain. My last gig has given me a little bit of insight into how people behave at a workplace and how habits are created. But most importantly it made me curious about these topics in connection with data.

This week’s list covers a mix of topics. So, I hope there’s something for everyone.

I find the data literacy topic crucial. Unfortunately, most of the materials seem skewed towards data visualisation (see e.g. Given the progress of advanced analytics, people need to accept the probabilistic nature of these solutions and not assume that they have to work on 100% (and disregard them when they don’t).

I also came across Datawrapper; not only does it seem to be a great tool for creating charts (like the one above), maps and tables but they also run a great blog about data visualisation.

Thanks for reading!

Please feel free to share your thoughts or reading tips in the comments.

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